Man Gets Stuck in Delta Airplane Bathroom for 35 Minutes, Is Rescued by Determined Pilot: WATCH

Man Gets Stuck in Delta Airplane Bathroom for 35 Minutes, Is Rescued by Determined Pilot: WATCH

The incident happened on a flight from Salt Lake City to New Orleans

A simple trip to the plane bathroom turned into an ordeal for one Delta passenger.

The male passenger, who was traveling from Salt Lake City to New Orleans, ended up stuck in a lavatory for 35 minutes after the door got jammed mid-flight.

The man was eventually freed by the pilot, who could be seen kicking the door of the bathroom in video footage of the incident obtained by PEOPLE.

In the video, the pilot can be seen kicking the lower half of the door while pulling the handle with one hand and placing his other higher up on the door for support.

“Ready? Do it again,” the pilot tells the passenger as he then begins kicking the door. A flight attendant can also be seen holding the top of the door.

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As the door finally opens, the delighted pilot smiles and shakes the man’s hand as people cheer in the background.

The passenger’s wife shared the incident in a post on Reddit last week and revealed how it happened when they were traveling with their children, who are 2 and 4 years old.

She said that after five minutes had gone by since her husband had gotten up to use the bathroom, she began to wonder where he was.

“Ten minutes went by, and as my 4-year-old asked yet again, ‘Where’s daddy?’ I heard a flight attendant say the word ‘stuck.’ Something clicked,” she wrote. “‘Excuse me, is there someone stuck in the bathroom??’ ‘Yes,’ she said. ‘The door is jammed, and someone is stuck in there.’ ‘I think that’s my husband!’ ”



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The Reddit user said two female flight attendants had attempted to open the door, along with another male passenger, but her husband was still stuck in the bathroom 20 minutes later.

It was then, she says, that the pilot got involved and her husband was able to be freed 35 minutes into the ordeal.

“The pilot was really giving it is all, as you can see in the videos,” she wrote. “But it wasn’t until Brent kicked the hell out of the door while the pilot was pulling as hard as possible that Brent finally made his escape.”

“We thank God that Brent didn’t take our 4-year-old with him,” she added. “We thank God that it was a 34-year-old man who got stuck and not an elderly person or young child. We thank God it wasn’t someone who would have a panic attack over claustrophobia or germaphobia.”

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According to KLTV, the passenger was offered the equivalent of $23 in air miles as compensation by the airline’s customer service.

A spokesperson for Delta told PEOPLE in a statement, “We have been in contact with the customer following this situation with an offer of apology and are investigating the situation to better understand the root cause and make any changes, as needed, to address the matter going forward."

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