Man baffled by dad’s ‘bizarre’ baby-naming rule: ‘Your dad is a unique kind of ridiculous’

A teenager doesn’t understand why he can’t call his little brother a nickname.

He asked Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum to weigh in. His parents forbade him from using a nickname when he was a kid. Now that his little brother is 6 years old, they expect him to stop using a nickname, too. The teenager, however, doesn’t think it makes any sense.

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“AITA for going against the family rule of ‘no nicknames’?” he wrote. “If you ask me why we have that rule, I can’t answer you, my parents never gave a nickname while growing up, never gave me an endearment way of saying my name and neither called me ‘son.’ I was always ‘Sebastian’ [my name], they also never called each other ‘love/darling’ anything. Only by names. When I was 6 they told me I had to stop calling them ‘mommy/daddy’ and I had to call them ‘mom/dad’ or by their names.

“My (19M) parents had a surprise baby 6 years ago, my little brother Pietro. I don’t have the words to explain how much I love that child, I find him the pretties baby in the world and I try to show him love in ways I know our parents never will. Since he’s still a small child, they let me call him whatever I want but said that I had to stop once he turns 6, well since his name is ‘Pietro’ I call him ‘Pea’, this started as ‘sweet pea’, first it was ‘Pi[etro] sweet pea’, then ‘Pietro Pea,’ ‘Sweet Peatro’ until it landed on just ‘Pea.’

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“He actually loves it, even says his name is ‘Pea Pietro’ when introducing himself,” he explained. “I guess because it’s the only real nickname in our family, once he turned 6, my dad said no more, but I said f*** it since I don’t live at their place and continued to called my brother Pea, I only use his real name when I need him to get serious. Well, my dad called me a few days ago and said that Pea is refusing to come when they call him because he wants to be called ‘Pea’ at home too, he says he likes it, and he doesn’t understands why our parents refuse to call him something he loves.

“I talked to him, because it was never my intention to get Pea to act out, he kinda got it, but he’s a kid and got sad. Our mom ended up agreeing and calls him Pea now, I guess she’s tired of that shit too. But not my dad. He completely refuses and blames me for ‘causing this mess.’ He said that if I had stopped when they asked me to, Pea wouldn’t be like this, but man, it’s just a kid, chill out. My mom says that for her the matter is settled but I should talk to Pea again and explain him how names are a big deal to our dad and he should at least listen to him when he calls him Pietro. For my dad I’m a complete and total AH so I had to ask.”

Redditors didn’t think it was the poster’s fault.

“A bizarre thing for him to take a stand on,” a user said of the father.

“Your dad is a unique kind of ridiculous,” another wrote.

“What a weird flex of parental power,” a person added.

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