It is Madness to Even Discuss Sacking Chris Hughton: A Fan’s Opinion

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I write this piece in a state of some disbelief, because there is a minority of Norwich City supporters that are calling for Chris Hughton to be sacked, if he cannot turn the club's fortunes around in the next two to three games. This is after Norwich City narrowly lost 1-0 to Newcastle United in Sunday's (23 September 2012) game.

There have even been some calls for Harry Redknapp to come in as his replacement. This hasn't been the best start to the season, but that doesn't mean we should be making rash decisions. The fact of the matter is Chris Hughton is the right man for Norwich City, and Redknapp and the Canaries would clearly not be a good fit.

The situation around Paul Lambert was unfortunate, but we now need to all move on from it. It is not fair on the new Norwich manager to constantly compare him to Lambert. It should also be remembered that the start of last season was not so good either.

In fact, Hughton's Birmingham City came stronger towards the end of last season but didn't enjoy the best of starts. Starting the season in good spirits is always nice, but the most important thing is to finish strongly.

This is something that, perhaps, didn't happen at the end of last season, and a possible contributing factor to the slow start in this campaign. It is easy to look at what Lambert could have done had he still been in charge. However, he is struggling to find the right formula with his new Aston Villa side.

The managerial appointment in the summer had been one that had a lot of thought attached to it; it was certainly not a panicked decision, and Hughton had always been the number one target. The new manager needs time to find the right formula within his squad to win games.

Anyone that has watched Norwich City since the opening day defeat against Fulham will know that there has not been much wrong. When I watch them play, I am generally greatly impressed with their overall play, and don't think they look like a side that are going to be relegated.

So, I would urge all Norwich City fans to get behind the players and the manager. The most important thing to remember is to keep the faith in Chris Hughton. David McNally is as ruthless as they come, and if he feels a decision needs to be made, in the future, than he will surely make it.

The best teams tend to stick by their manager's during difficult times, and this is exactly what Norwich needs to do. There is every reason to think that Norwich City will thrive in the Premier League again this season.

James Kent has been a Norwich City fan for a number of years; he is currently enjoying the start of the new Premier League season, follow him on Twitter and Facebook.

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