'I’m not fussed whether we bounce back straight away'

Livingston fan voice

Our time in the Premiership is over. We had an amazing six seasons being the brave, battling underdog that no one liked.

We had plenty of stick along the way - 'plastic pitch', 'plastic team' and the perennial 'you have no fans'. Other clubs thought we were more like the ugly sister who got to go to the ball rather than Cinderella.

Yet despite all this we've had some brilliant victories against all the big teams, some memorable ones against the Old Firm, top-six finishes and a cup final. Not bad.

The terrible season we've just had is the one I thought we would have when we first came up, so everything that’s happened until now is a bonus.

The Hibs game had end-of-season borefest written all over it before a ball was kicked and it lived up the non-billing. I think both teams were pleased when the curtain was closed on this dull game and the season.

We could've won the match with a couple of good finishes from Bruce Anderson - we’ll miss his prowess in front of goal next season, along with the battling qualities of Jason Holt and James Penrice.

I’m not fussed whether we bounce back straight away. I just want to see competitive games where we try to win, instead of playing to not get beat. I want to see goals, players trying their utmost, and above all I am looking forward to us winning a few games.

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