'I love the drama of penalty shootouts'

Joe Hart

Some people might fear the prospect of a penalty shootout at Euro 2024, but I have relished them ever since I was kid.

Whenever any tournament reaches the knockout stages, I cannot help getting excited about the possibility we might see one. They are an amazing way to finish a game.

I love the drama, the excitement and the mind games that go into them, and I always want to see how all of that is dealt with and executed by the goalkeeper and the penalty taker.

I have been both, so I know how every aspect of the situation feels with success, and failure.

I took a penalty for Celtic in a shootout to decide the Scottish Cup semi-final against Aberdeen in April. I hit the post but I made up for it immediately with the save that sent us through.

That was the first competitive spot-kick I had taken since 2009.

As a goalkeeper I know what is possible when you are standing on the line, in terms of what you can and cannot cover. With the right practice, I always felt I should be able to put it somewhere it cannot be reached.

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