'Love is Blind' star Sarah Ann wants to marry Jeramey but feels guilty about Laura Dadisman: 'Things could have been handled differently'

Sarah Ann Bick and Jeramey Lutinski on "Love is Blind."
Sarah Ann Bick and Jeramey Lutinski on "Love is Blind."Netflix
  • "Love is Blind" star Sarah Ann Bick said she wants to marry Jeramey Lutinski.

  • But she feels guilty about how their connection affected his partner on the show, Laura Dadisman.

  • Lutinski and Dadisman called off their relationship towards the end of "Love is Blind" season six.

"Love is Blind" star Sarah Ann Bick said she and Jeramey Lutinski have discussed getting married now that season six is over.

The couple got together after Lutinski broke things off with his fiancé, Laura Dadisman, toward the end of season six. Their relationship ended because Lutinski kept his feelings for Bick secret and met up with her after a night out — which upset Dadisman.

In a controversial moment, Lutinski and Bick jumped onto a pair of Jet Skis in episode 11, just minutes after Lutinski and Dadisman had an argument about the end of their relationship.

Bick told Page Six she and Lutinski are living together. "We've definitely talked about marriage. It's something that we both are still wanting to do, but we want it to be on our terms," she said.

Bick added: "Immediately when we started dating, we were like, 'So what do we do? We know a lot about each other, but, like, do we put a ring on it?'"

Although Bick and Lutinski aren't married yet, nine couples have said "I do" on "Love is Blind" over the years.

In April 2023, Netflix revealed that couples don't pay for weddings. In season four, the streamer forked out $60,000 for floral arrangements and $120,000 for a tent to host ceremonies.

Bick pointed out that they're not rushing to the altar and have taken the time to get to know each other better away from the cameras.

"We both decided for ourselves it was better to take the opportunity to get to know each other and just really dive into that real-life relationship," she said. "We're so grateful for that. We've learned so much more about each other, especially living together."

While the couple seems excited about their future together, Bick is also conscious that Dadisman was upset by the breakup.

"I'll say it 10 times over, I apologize if [Laura] did get hurt in the situation," she said. The star then noted that the Jet Ski scene was a way of escaping scrutiny on set.

"Whenever you have a lot of people attacking you, it's fight or flight. It's a natural human response to be like, 'I'm out of here.'" she said. "I've been told in therapy many a times that you use humor to deflect. And so it was like, 'Well, let's jump on here, let's get out of this situation.'"

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