‘Love Is Blind’: Renee Poche Won’t Get to Hold $4 Million NDA Lawsuit With Netflix and Delirium TV in Public

“Love Is Blind” contestant Renee Poche’s $4 million battle with Netflix and Delirium TV will not be made public, according to a judge ruling on Friday obtained by TheWrap. Instead, the matter will have to be resolved by arbitration.

LA Superior Court Judge Bruce G. Iwasaki ruled that Poche and her lawyers’ “heated rhetoric” was supported by “absolutely no evidence” that participating in arbitration would cause Poche harm. Though it states in her agreement with Delirium that legal matters would be dealt through arbitration, Poche and her team pushed for a public-facing trial. Furthermore, the judge noted that he “harbors grave doubts [Ms. Poche] has standing to request [the] sweeping relief” she is seeking her injunction motion against Delirium and Netflix.

Attorneys Larry Iser and Allen Secretov, who represent Delirium TV on behalf of Kinsella Holley Iser Kump Steinsapir LLP, stated that they did not want to litigate with Poche and that before the the arbitration was filed, Poche was asked to stop giving unauthorized interviews and that her breaches would result in Delirium filing arbitration.

“Rather than abide by her contract, heed these warnings or participate in mediation, Ms. Poche continued to breach. Delirium will now proceed as it originally intended and address its claims against Ms. Poche in arbitration,” Iser and Secretov concluded. The lawsuit filed against Poche was for $4 million “despite earning only $8,000 for my participation on the show,” Poche said in January.

Poche filed a lawsuit was filed after Delirium TV took legal action against her for purportedly violating her NDA agreement. In January, Poche, who appeared on Season 5 of Netflix’s dating reality series, filed a lawsuit against both the production company Delirium TV and Netflix. She claimed she “didn’t feel safe” during her time on the show and that the series set her up with a “violent” alcoholic and drug addict.

“My experience on ‘Love is Blind’ was traumatic,” Poche said in a statement obtained by TheWrap at the time. “I felt like a prisoner and had no support when I let Delirium know that I didn’t feel safe,” Poche said. “I believe Delirium is trying to silence the abuse that occurs behind the cameras and ruin me for telling the truth,” Poche said in January.

Pamela Chelin contributed to this report.

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