Love Is Blind ’s Jimmy and Chelsea Shared Pics From the Same Restaurant at the Same Time


Warning: Spoilers ahead!

Jimmy and Chelsea, Love Is Blind season 6’s most chaotic couple, appear to be playing mind games with us.

On Thursday, March 7, both simultaneously shared photos from a meal at JB’s on the Beach, a beachside seafood joint in Deerfield, Florida, near Fort Lauderdale. No faces are visible in the pics—Jimmy shared a photo of a seared crustacean, while Chelsea posted a photo of the restaurant’s view—though it’s pretty clear that the two are together, not least of all because a half-drunk Corona is featured in both images, as is an overcast gray sky.

If that wasn’t enough to drive the message home that these two are hanging out, Chelsea’s photo features a sliver of a white man’s arm. C'mon guys, we get it!

In her Instagram Stories leading up to her cryptic lunchtime snap, Chelsea says her stop in Florida is a detour on her way to a friend’s wedding (destination unknown). Maybe this is a closure lunch, just two exes meeting up to heal old wounds and wish each other well? (Jimmy’s IG Stories provided no context.)

However, because I am jaded, I believe it’s more likely that this is a lunch intended to drum up intrigue about the status of their relationship ahead of the March 13 reunion special on Netflix. I just find it difficult to imagine that after months of strict “no social media together” guidance, these two could slip up so…obviously. But I guess we will have to see.

In case you missed it, Jimmy announced on the couple’s final date before they were supposed to walk down the aisle that he didn’t “want to go to the altar. I can’t.” Notably, neither seemed to confirm that skipping the altar would mean a breakup.

This is reality TV, so anything can happen!

Originally Appeared on Glamour