How long will security lines be at DFW Airport and Dallas Love Field during the holidays?

The status board inside the concourse at Dallas Love Field Airport Wednesday, Dec. 28, 2022, still showed quite a few flights canceled.

The security wait times at Dallas/Fort Worth Airport will be 3.3 minutes shorter than those at Dallas Love Field during the holiday season, a new study finds.

Upgraded Points, a website teaching travelers how to maximize their points and miles, released a list of the worst security lines among major U.S. airports over the holidays. Researchers analyzed wait time data from the Transportation Security Administration. Average wait times were calculated using data surrounding Thanksgiving (Thanksgiving week through the following Monday) and the winter holidays (the week before Christmas through the observed New Year’s Day).

“Air travel has not only rebounded from the depths of the COVID-19 pandemic, but has now surpassed pre-pandemic 2019 levels—and this holiday season, airports are gearing up for a surge in activity not witnessed in years,” a press release said. “Knowing what to expect at TSA checkpoints during the holidays will help travelers coordinate transportation, minimize disruptions, and even avoid missing flights.”

At DFW Airport, the average holiday wait time through standard TSA is 4.3 minutes — 22.4% more than its annual average. That’s the 19th shortest among U.S. airports. The average holiday wait time through PreCheck TSA is much shorter at 1.8 minutes — 75.9% longer than usual. Wednesday was found to be the worst day of the week for holiday travel at DFW Airport, as TSA wait times are longest then.

Passengers at Love Field experience average security wait times of 7.6 minutes through standard TSA — 7.8% less than its annual average. The TSA lines at Love Field are the 11th longest nationally. Through PreCheck TSA, the holiday wait time is 2.1 minutes — 6.1% longer than usual. The worst holiday TSA wait times at Love Field are on Sunday.