London taxi maker is building a pop-top e-Camper

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The London Electric Vehicle Company, or LEVC as it calls itself on its website, is best known for the TX, the current London taxi cab. But the company also sells non-taxi variants of the TX as well as a van derivative called the VN5. And it's that van that will now get a pop-top camper option called the e-Camper. Basically, it's a pop-top London taxi.

Not only that, but the e-Camper is, like LEVC's other cars, a range-extended electric car in the vein of the BMW i3 REX. The front electric motor receives power from a battery that can provide about 60 miles of range, and when that runs out, electricity is generated by a 1.5-liter Volvo three-cylinder engine (LEVC is part of Geely, which also owns Volvo). Total range is about 300 miles, and the gas generator means quick fill-ups for particularly long trips.

As for the camper parts, the e-Camper will have a typical pop-top hinged at the rear. It will be able to sleep up to four people, with two in the pop-top and two on the fold-down rear bench seat. The rear part of the van will have an electrically-powered kitchenette and a fold-out table. The front seats will be able to swivel around, too, so that there's plenty of indoor seating.

Sadly, the LEVC e-Camper won't be available in the United States, since none of the company's products are available here. But if you do live where LEVC cars are available, which is much of Europe and, curiously, Egypt, you should be able to pick one up. You can register your interest right now, and the vans will be available at the end of this year. Pricing starts at around €73,000, or just over $87,000.

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