Whether You Live In Brazil, Thailand, Or Germany, Tell Us How Much It Costs (And The Documents You Need) To Rent An Apartment In Your Country

If you've ever rented an apartment, you're likely familiar with the amount of paperwork and money you need to gather. For instance, in the US — specifically New York City — most potential tenants are expected to provide the following:

An "apartment for rent" sign in front of a building

But while this is just a snippet of how apartment rentals are run in one of the most expensive areas of the US, I became curious about how countries outside the US handle renting apartments after watching this YouTube video of an American teacher living in Copenhagen with her husband and child.

a couple moving into an apartment

So, if you live outside the US and have experience renting, I would love to know: What are renters expected to provide in other countries outside the US?

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For example, do you live in a country where not only do you have to provide a hefty security deposit but you also have to buy appliances — such as a washer/dyer and refrigerator — because it's not included in the apartment?

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Or maybe appliances are included, but you have to pay the majority of your rent upfront to secure the apartment and pay for parking.

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Or maybe apartments in your country are usually furnished, but you have to pay a "building fee" that goes toward the rental building, and you have to rent for at least two years.

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Also, was the rental process easy or hard to navigate? Were there any bumps in the road that you want to warn other people about? Or simply any tips you would like to give?

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If the above resonates with you, tell us what renters are expected to do and have to rent an apartment in a non-US country in the comments below or in this anonymous Google form here and you could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post.