Little Leaguer's epic leap over catcher even wowed Andrew McCutchen

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San Francisco Giants outfielder Andrew McCutchen has been a human highlight reel throughout his 10-year career in Major League Baseball. But even he was blown away by the athleticism displayed by 12-year-old Mason Cherry.

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The Little Leaguer from Wichita, Kan. has gone viral over the last 24 hours after leaping over the opposing catcher to score perhaps the craziest run we’ll see at any level of baseball this season.

The Leap

The wild play happened during a game on Thursday. After one of Cherry’s teammates delivered a single, Cherry raced around third and attempted to ensure his teammate an RBI. However, when the opposing team executed some solid defense and got the ball to the catcher before Cherry’s arrival, he ran into quite the conundrum.

Then he jumped over it.


Over the years we’ve seen an increase in athletes leaping over defenders in all sports. It seems to happen more frequently in the open field during NFL and college football games, but it’s happened in baseball a few times too.

It’s never not impressive. Especially so when the leaper isn’t even a teenager yet.

Andrew McCutchen’s response

The fact that a former National League MVP and five-time All-Star like McCutchen took notice further cements the athletic feat. He gave Cherry props on Twitter by simply posting this photo.

Nailed it.

Little Leaguer Mason Cherry goes airborne to score a wild run. (@WarriorsB8sball on Twitter)
Little Leaguer Mason Cherry goes airborne to score a wild run. (@WarriorsB8sball on Twitter)

Who knows what Mason Cherry’s baseball future holds. We just know he did something here that most of us could only ever dream about doing.


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