Lionesses goalkeeper shirts sell out in minutes as Mary Earps issues update

Support for Mary Earps led to Nike announcing a U-turn  (Getty Images)
Support for Mary Earps led to Nike announcing a U-turn (Getty Images)

Lionesses goalkeeper shirts sold out in less than five minutes after being made available to buy on the FA’s website in time for Christmas.

England’s kit manufacturer Nike came in for criticism when they did not make replica goalkeeper kits available for purchase before this summer’s Women’s World Cup, with Lionesses goalkeeper Mary Earps saying it was “hurtful” and “hugely disappointing” that fans could not buy her shirt.

Support for Earps, who is one of England’s most popular players, and demand for her shirt to be made available led to Nike announcing a U-turn in October - but only a limited number of replica shirts were put up for sale.

This time, the number of goalkeeper shirts up for sale online was comparable to before a men’s major international tournament but the replica Lionesses jerseys still sold out on the FA website following “unprecedented demand”.

Earps took to Instagram following the 8am sale and said there were still a limited amount of the green strips available on the Nike website, with the pink and yellow editions having sold out.

The replica kits were available in both children’s and adult’s sizes - at around £65 and £85 respectively, with an additional £15 cost for adding Earps’ name and number.

England’s kit manufacturer have also made clear that Lionesses goalkeeper jerseys will be available to buy ahead of all future major international tournaments.

A petition calling for Nike to release the Lionesses goalkeeper shirts reached over 150,000 signatures following the World Cup this summer.