LinkedIn reveals top 50 startup companies for 2017

Emily Rella,

Running a successful startup is no easy feat.

From stiff competition, to unpredictable markets and rapidly-changing consumer behavior, becoming a disrupter in any given industry can seem impossible.

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But for the companies and innovators that manage to crack the right code at just the right time, the limits are endless.

Chosen across all industries including education, beauty, biotech and more, LinkedIn gathered the list of the top 50 startups that are garnering major buzz from industry experts and consumers alike — and you may recognize a few big names in the top five.

Here are the top 50 startup companies for 2017:

Leave it to Uber to clinch the top-spot — Even amongst the company’s year of scandal, its safe to say the world would be a much different place without the founding company of the ride-sharing movement.

Surprisingly, nearly one-third of the companies on the list were founded outside of Silicon Valley, proving that location plays little role in building the right team and the right foundation.

But what seemed to ring true throughout the entire list was the dedication to the stereotypical startup culture, including perks like nap pods at Casper’s NYC office, an on-site spa at Credit Kama, “No Meeting Wednesdays” at Glint and branded slippers to wear around the office at Houzz.

So whether to not you’re working for a company that only employs a handful without much capital to go off of or an app that’s turned into a household name, one thing is for certain — the startup life is the good life.

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