Lingenfelter Drops 700-HP 7.0-Liter V-8 For C8 Corvettes

lpe 7 liter lt2 v8 engine for c8 corvette
Lingenfelter Drops 7.0-Liter V-8 For C8 CorvetteLingenfelter Performance Engineering

There is just something right about a Chevrolet Corvette with a 7.0-liter V-8 engine. Whether it's a big-block car from the Sixties or a C6 Z06, the large-displacement engines have always brought a special character to America’s sports car. Thanks to the folks over at Lingenfelter Performance Engineering, C8 Corvette customers can now experience a 7.0-liter variant of the LT2 V-8 engine.

With more than 50 years of history under its belt, Lingenfelter Performance Engineering is one of the most respected names in the modified Corvette world. The company is perhaps best known for its powertrain enhancement packages, which range from naturally aspirated small blocks up to blown big-block Chevys. This Eliminator Spec S 427 project is the latest 7.0-liter build to come from LPE, but unlike many of their previous offerings, it isn’t an LS-based endeavor.

Built with the C8 Corvette in mind, this product is centered around that car’s LT2 V-8. This allows for easy integrations with the C8’s stock oiling system, as well as the Tremec dual-clutch transmission that comes in every C8. In stock 6.2-liter form, the LT2 engine is good for 490 hp and 465 lb-ft of torque. Once LPE is done with it, it’ll make 704 hp and 600 lb-ft @ 6700 rpm without forced induction. That makes this the most powerful naturally aspirated V-8 that you can stick in a C8 at the moment, and it does so on 91-octane fuel.

lingenfelter performance engineering dyno charts 7 liter lt2
Lingenfelter Performance Engineering

To make that sort of power, the stock 6.2-liter engine block is torn down and blueprinted before sleeves are installed to accommodate 4.125 Mahle pistons. The entire rotating assembly is also replaced with custom units co-developed with Callies, centered around a 4.00-stroke crankshaft with bespoke counterweighting. This was required to clear the LT2’s shallow oil pan. That 4.125-inch bore and 4.00 stroke are notably shared with the legendary LS7 V-8. The factory cylinder heads are retained, but are CNC ported specifically to meet the requirements of a 7.0-liter build. A Lingenfelter Eliminator Spec S Camshaft was also developed, which LPE says creates an ideal powerband for the DCT gearbox. Opt for the additional Carbon pTR Intake Manifold and 103mm Throttle Body package and engine output jumps up to 715 hp and 614 lb-ft. For reference, the C8 Z06 and its LT5 V-8 engine provide customers with 670 hp and 460 lb-ft.

Lingenfelter Performance Engineering hasn’t shared pricing details for this package yet, but customers can reach out to the shop for more details. I’m sure more than a few of these packages will find their way onto drag strips and racetracks in the near future.

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