Linda Cardellini, Edi Patterson, Tim Heidecker and Toby Huss Join David Gordon Green’s ‘Nutcrackers’

Linda Cardellini, Edi Patterson, Tim Heidecker and Toby Huss are joining Ben Stiller in David Gordon Green’s new comedy “Nutcrackers.”

Rivulet Films, Rough House Pictures and Red Hour Films made the announcement about the new cast members. The production recently wrapped filming outside of Cincinnati, Ohio.

According to the official synopsis, “Nutcrackers” “follows the work-obsessed Mike (Stiller), who must reluctantly travel to rural Ohio to look after his four rambunctious nephews after their parents die in a car accident. After run-ins with the local deputy (Heidecker) and misguided attempts to unload the boys on an orphan profiteer (Patterson) and an eccentric empty-nester millionaire (Huss), Mike becomes smitten with social worker Gretchen (Cardellini) who helps him on his journey to find a home for the boys.”

Cardellini, known for television series like “Freaks and Geeks” and “Dead to Me,” also recently co-starred in Marvel Studios’ “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3” as a voice of one of Rocket’s animal pals (she also is a part of the universe as Hawkeye’s wife Linda Barton). Patterson has worked with Green on Rough House’s series “Vince Principals” and “The Righteous Gemstones.” Heidecker is a comedian who has also appeared in “Us” and “Ant-Man and the Wasp.” And Huss has also recently worked with Green on 2018’s “Halloween” and “The Righteous Gemstones.”

Stiller hasn’t been the lead of a movie since 2017, when he starred in “Brad’s Status” and “The Meyerowitz Stories,” instead taking roles behind the camera in projects such as “Escape at Dannemora” and “Severance.”

Green, of course, is coming off of his highly profitable “Halloween” trilogy and last year’s less successful “Exorcist” reboot, “The Exorcist: Believer.” (He was originally meant to direct a trilogy of films; now it’s just the one.) Among other projects Green has been recently attached to was a film about the early days of Disneyland, said to explore the relationship with Walt Disney and his brother Roy and the foundation of that groundbreaking theme park.

“Nutcrackers” is based on a script by Leland Douglas and was developed by Rough House Pictures. Rivulet Films’ Rob Paris and Mike Witherill, Red Hour Films’ Ben Stiller and John Lesher, and Rough House Pictures’ Nate Meyer are producing.

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