Like Khloe Kardashian, La La Anthony Is Sporting a Post-Breakup Body. But Is It Safe?

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La La Anthony is looking better than ever post-breakup. (Photo: Getty Images)
La La Anthony is looking better than ever post-breakup. (Photo: Getty Images)

La La Anthony is loving her new look. The 38-year-old, who is recently separated from Carmelo Anthony, has been sweating it out at her local gym in New York City — and the mother of one is proudly displaying her curves on Instagram.

“I always say when you look good, you feel good,” La La told E! news. “When you feel like you’re putting the effort into you, it just changes your whole outlook on yourself.”

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And while her relationship may be in disarray, she’s found that focusing on her health has been “therapeutic.” “When things happen in your life that you can’t control, it’s great to put the control back into myself,” stated the actress, who can be seen in the Starz series Power. “I can control working out. I can control what I eat. I can control making myself feel better, so working out and being here has been a huge part of that.”

In fact, she and Khloe Kardashian have laughed about the “revenge body” theory (earlier in 2017, Kardashian launched the reality show Revenge Body where participants strive to obtain a slimmer, fitter physique all in the name of, well, revenge) since La La claims she isn’t trying to get back at anybody. “I’m just trying to make myself feel great, but it helps when people from your past are like, ‘Oh, look at her.’ It’s not a bad thing!”

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“I don’t think what La La is doing is unhealthy at this point,” Robi Ludwig, psychotherapist, author of Your Best Age Is Now and host of the Facebook series Talking Live, tells Yahoo Beauty.

Ludwig explains that people in unhappy relationships have a tendency to neglect self-care. “And so when they’re starting a new chapter in life, some of these women — and men — begin to think of themselves in different ways and take care of themselves in a different way to prepare for this next phase that they hope will be more fulfilling and rewarding.”

As for La La publicizing her toned, hourglass figure on Instagram, Ludwig states it could be — on some level — a way for the television personality to show her soon-to-be ex-husband exactly what he’s missing. “Or she could be just more exhibitionistic in wanting to show off what she’s been achieving,” she continues. “And that’s part of the excitement for her — knowing that people are looking at her and seeing her in this new light.”

Ludwig also commends the Brooklyn-born businesswoman for relying on a health and fitness regime in order to establish a sense of stability during a time of transition. “When your life is in chaos, you want to take control over what you can control,” Ludwig states. “And if you’re taking control over areas of your life that help you to feel healthy, energized, and motivated — fantastic!”

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The only potential downside would be if someone’s new routine leads to extreme behaviors, such as suffering from an eating disorder or excessive exercise disorder. “What we do know is that in our society, [these types of issues] very often go unrecognized because the individuals receive a lot of compliments — but there’s no evidence of that in this case.”

Along with enhancing her physical appearance, Ludwig is hopeful that La La is spending time on improving her psychological well-being, as well.

“It’s not only about working out,” Ludwig concludes. “In addition to taking care of her outside — because that is what she is presenting, we don’t know what her private moments are like — that La La is also looking at the other aspects of her life and trying to take control of them, in terms of the choices she makes and the type of people she’s drawn to.”

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