Lightning strike disintegrates tree outside Wisconsin high school, video shows

Students at a Wisconsin high school received a wild science lesson from Mother Nature herself on Thursday.

Video posted by the U.S. National Weather Service shows a bolt of lightning strike a tree outside Wautoma High School. Within seconds, part of the tree caught fire and disintegrated. The rest of the tree quickly toppled over.

The lightning strike happened as sophomore and junior students were preparing to take an ACT test, according to WLUK. No one was injured in the strike and no school property suffered damage, the TV station reported.

But the pine tree is a goner. See for yourself the damage the lightning strike left.

Facebook users were astonished after watching the video, describing it as “unreal” and “unbelievable.”

Others took it as a life lesson. “And that’s why you don’t stand under trees during storms,” one person commented.

Wautoma is about 90 miles southwest of Green Bay.

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