Liam Gallagher says Oasis reunion will go ahead ‘with or without’ Noel: ‘It will blow your knickers off’

Roisin O'Connor
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Liam Gallagher
Liam Gallagher

Liam Gallagher has insisted he will go ahead with his planned Oasis reunion, which he says is to raise funds for the NHS, “with or without” his brother, Noel.

This week, the former Oasis star demanded the band reform with “all money going to the NHS”.

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He added that he was “sick of pleading” for the reunion to happen.

Following the 8pm #ClapForCarers in the UK on Thursday 26 March, organised to show appreciation for NHS staff and key workers amid the coronavirus pandemic, Liam reiterated his plans.

He told fans that while the reunion “may not be the same” without Noel, it would go ahead anyway.

“Wanna clear a few things up. Oasis gig for NHS charity as in all money raised goes to NHS not to me will happen with or without Noel Gallagher,” he wrote.

“It may not be the same but trust me it’ll still blow your knickers off.”

In a second tweet, he wrote: “C'mon NOEL GALLAGHER.”

After the nationwide applauding took place, he said: “Amazing scenes, we f***ing love and adore you all.”

The Gallagher brothers have been estranged ever since Oasis called it a day in 2009, after a backstage brawl at Rock en Seine festival in Paris.

Speaking to the Big Issue, Noel previously said every tweet from his brother, whom he has described as a “moron”, is a “nail in the coffin” of any hopes regarding an Oasis reunion.

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