Lexi Reed Lost 217 Lbs. Total Despite Calciphylaxis Diagnosis: 'Reminding Myself How Far I've Come'

The influencer has focused her weight loss journey on diet and nutrition after her calciphylaxis diagnosis left her unable to work out

Lexi Reed/Instagram
Lexi Reed/Instagram

Lexi Reed is still making progress on her weight loss journey despite her calciphylaxis diagnosis, which has left her in and out of the hospital for over a year.

On Monday, the weight loss influencer posted a screenshot of her MyFitnessPal app, where she’s been tracking her weight loss journey. She highlighted the fact that she’s lost 2 lbs. since last weighing in, bringing her total to 217.6 lbs. so far.

Reed praised the milestone considering calciphylaxis has left her unable to work out.

Calciphylaxis is a very rare and serious condition where calcium builds up in blood vessels and blocks blood flow to the skin, according to Cleveland Clinic. It can lead to open wounds and potentially deadly infections.

“All adds up! Slow and steady but doing what I can & reminding myself how far I’ve come,” she wrote.

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<p>Lexi Reed/Instagram</p>

Lexi Reed/Instagram

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As Reed works on her recovery, she’s had to focus her weight loss on diet and nutrition as she’s been unable to work out like before. Her condition has extremely limited her mobility and she was unable to walk or stand on her own for several months.

She celebrated the milestone back in September 2022, sharing an Instagram video of herself slowly walking up and down the sidewalk, admitting that it's been "the hardest year of my life."

"The past 9 months have been unknown while I've had to use a wheelchair and have assistance with all my daily activities," Reed said. "I've had to sit on the sidelines of my own life after I had finally made it to the center stage where I felt like I was living, not just existing. Once again I felt trapped like I had been at 485 lbs. and refused to give up on myself."

"My posture isn't perfect, I've fallen multiple times, can't walk miles like I used to & I may not be as strong as I used to - but fall down seven times and stand up eight," she ended.

At the time, Reed said during a Q&A on her Instagram Story that she's excited for her "comeback" and to hopefully get back in the gym one day.

"Due to the rare diagnosis of calciphylaxis my wounds are currently all over from my knees to my shoulders but still smiling/fighting and reminding myself that great things take time," she said. "Life has been a lot different for me this year but despite the setback I'm still looking forward to the comeback. Thank you all for the continued prayers and for being patient with me while I take this time to heal - love you all! "

"One day these legs will be back in the gym," Reed wrote.

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Lexi Reed/Instagram
Lexi Reed/Instagram

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Last year, Reed also opened up about how “bittersweet” it was that she was losing more weight, but only because of her health problems.

​​In an update on her Instagram Story, she said that she wishes she could go back to her old posts about getting healthy.

"I miss my weight loss content but healing is my main focus," she said. "However I have still been focusing on how I fuel my body with food and not letting emotions win."

"I have lost quite a bit of weight which is bittersweet," Reed said, adding that the dropped pounds are likely from losing "muscle, fluid, etc."

The influencer also answered questions from her followers at the time, including one that wondered if she misses working out.

"I'm missing the gym 100% but I also miss walking, driving, not being in pain, shopping, spending time with friends/family at events, dressing myself, cooking and just feeling like myself in general before everything just went downhill all of a sudden," she said. "I never saw any of this coming. This isn't a way that I want to live but I'm not going to stop fighting for my health even with tears in my eyes."

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