Levein refuses to criticise Mitov

Craig Levein refused to criticise Dimitar Mitov following his error in the 2-1 home defeat by Dundee.

He was a mile off his goalline in an effort to close down Amadou Bakayoko, who found Lyall Cameron for the midfielder to loft a precise finish into the net.

“That’s our best defensive display for a while,” the St Johnstone manager said.

“Dimi hardly had anything to do. We made two mistakes and got punished for them both which is a bit harsh. But when you’re in this position it can happen.

“The answer is to keep plugging away. If we play like that every week we’ll be fine.

“I thought our defending was fantastic. Dimi has been fantastic, arguably our best player since I’ve been here, so I won’t criticise him.

“He made a mistake which cost us a goal which is highly unusual then the next shot on target is probably the second goal.”

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