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Leopard print, Abercrombie and vintage Victoria’s Secret: One woman gives a tour of her early aughts bedroom, and it’s basically a time capsule

Jenna Barclay (@jennaabarclay), an influencer from the early 2000s, recently gave followers a look into her childhood bedroom — and it’s like traveling into the past.

The Los Angeles-based content creator, who has more than 365,500 TikTok followers, has been known to create nostalgic content with a particular emphasis on the mid-2000s. Since showing glimpses of her bedroom in previous TikTok videos, commenters have requested a more in-depth look at her Wisconsin-based space — which she last decorated in 2008 with a “lovely brown, leopard-print motif.”

Amid her vintage haven, Jenna has old magazines — including a “gold collectors” Backstreet Boys fan mag — CDs, disposable cameras, beauty products, Victoria’s Secret swimsuits, a pair of tanning goggles and a bunch of high school yearbooks. Her room looks particularly Y2K, she says, because she “stages it” for videos.

“I have a lot of beauty products in here,” she says. “Some of them are really, really old that I found in an old makeup bag, and then some have actually just been sitting here, like the Clinique Happy and this Escada perfume. I’m pretty sure I used those actively the last time I lived in this room.”

Jenna also shows off her Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen metallic nail polishes and an iconic MAC Cosmetics lip gloss.

MAC lip gloss in ‘Purr’ was my shade because Paris Hilton wore it,” she admits.

To her surprise, Jenna managed to unearth her once coveted Dooney & Bourke handbag with the classic monogram.

“My Dooney is my prized possession,” she says. “I dug her out of the back of the closet. I thought she was long gone, so I was really excited that it was actually still in the back of the closet.”

As for her favorite part of her room? That’d be this old TV.

“And then this. This is the best thing in the room, I think,” she says. “It’s a TV with a VCR built in, and it actually works. And I have a huge VHS collection.”

In a circular, purple cardboard box that reads “my stuff” in collaged letters, Jenna sifts through several random notes, letters and receipts from adolescence.

“This box is from middle school,” she reveals. “It’s full of notes, photos … I mean, you name it, it’s in there. There’s even, like, a Backstreet Boys fake all-access pass that I think came with the VHS.”

Jenna then looks through her closet, which many people ask about.

“Everybody always asks about the closet. I’ve actually taken most of the clothes that were in the closet back to where I currently live,” she explains, before going through her hangers. “We’ve got Abercrombie jackets. We’ve got this tweed jacket that I thought was really cool in, like, 2006. A lot of fur collars on everything. And these are all my old clothes, so there’s old homecoming dresses. That skirt is from 2005, I wanna say.”

‘This video made me so nostalgic. I miss my childhood.’

Naturally, commenters felt especially nostalgic after watching Jenna’s room tour.

“My toxic trait is that I would never leave that room and get a flip phone and live in a delusion that it’s still the early 2000s,” @sea_chel96 joked.

“OMFG flashbacks, one of my friends had this same brown decor (with a splash of turquoise of course),” @michaeljaimie wrote, to which Jenna replied, “The ELITE color combo.”

“Omg I still have that VS rainbow heart bikini,” @13reezy revealed.

“This video made me so nostalgic,” @sjb996 said. “I miss my childhood.”

Jenna is just one of a plethora of millennial TikTok influencers who’ve carved out their niche personality and aesthetic on the beloved video-sharing platform. The inclination for these creators to lean into nostalgia, an expert suggests, is partially because it sells.

“It’s a psychological thing. You feel comfort when you go back in time,” Lisa Sciulli, the department chair at Indiana University of Pennsylvania’s Eberly School of Business told NBC News. “You reminisce about when times were simpler.”

Jenna also previously partnered with Kellogg’s to promote the re-release of the formerly discontinued Frosted Grape flavor of Pop-Tart, which was one of the original frosted flavors from 1967.

“By reinventing your product again, in a nostalgic way, it shifts your product lifecycle and extends your brand,” Sciulli says.

Jenna’s content resonates with two demographics that crave the same thing: Millennials who may have actually lived through this decade and Gen Z-ers who are seemingly fascinated by all aspects of it. Regardless of the generation in which you were born, nostalgia, with its cyclical nature, was bound to make trends from the aughts desirable and, dare we say it, even coveted again.

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