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Tuesday 04, August

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Passionate Mars and expansive Jupiter are both planets that love to spar and tend to get ahead of themselves. As they square each other today, expect to feel your inner fire at its hottest, Leo. If you've been mired in any pandemic melancholy, this should wake you up and help you think about rebuilding your future.

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Monday 03, August

Today's Full Moon releases pent-up energy of the last six months directly into your relationship zone. It can feel both heavy and therapeutic at the same time, Leo. If your partnerships have been fraught or difficult, use this lunation to tune into the inherent liberation of all challenging one-to-one dynamics.

Sunday 02, August

Expect the unexpected today, because if you hope for things to go exactly as planned you'll likely be disappointed. Your bright ruling luminary is in your own stars at the moment, but with shocking Uranus squaring the Sun, your ego could get quite a bruising. A sudden, brilliant idea could steer your career in a new direction, however - don't shy away.

Saturday 01, August

With Mercury standing opposite intense Pluto on the first day of your birthday month, things could seem a bit overwhelming. But this is just a reminder of all you've endured and survived over the last few months, Leo. You won't be blown back into that experience, because you're on the other side now.

Friday 31, July

The current lunation is perfect for getting your discipline back. If you've fallen off track, now you're so ready to focus and complete whatever you started. Your relationship with time can be tweaked as well. Make the schedule and timetable that supports you best, Leo, and you'll get the most done in the shortest span.

Thursday 30, July

The fiery creativity continues with the Moon lighting up your house of self-expression and love, with added mojo from Mars in your house of goals. This gives you all the ambition and competitive force you need to break out of any recent slumps or comfort zones. You are so ready to aim higher.

Wednesday 29, July

This is the perfect day for you to tap into your creativity, Leo. Take advantage of this extremely exciting and dynamic force, as it's propelling you to new levels of self-expression and love. When in doubt go for your bigger dreams as you have power and good fortune backing you up at this moment.

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