Lenny Dykstra spoofs 'The Walking Dead' in video on struggling Mets

Lenny Dykstra loves stirring the pot, as evidence by parody video on struggling Mets veterans Jose Reyes and <a class="link rapid-noclick-resp" href="/mlb/players/7455/" data-ylk="slk:Curtis Granderson">Curtis Granderson</a>. (AP)
Lenny Dykstra loves stirring the pot, as evidence by parody video on struggling Mets veterans Jose Reyes and Curtis Granderson. (AP)

Former major leaguer Lenny Dykstra is forecasting a “day of reckoning” for a pair of New York Mets veterans struggling to hit their weight this season.

In a video posted to Twitter on Friday, the controversial former Mets outfielder predicted that the days of Jose Reyes and Curtis Granderson in Mets uniform were numbered. And he did so in dramatic fashion, parodying the famous baseball bat scene that served as the cliffhanger in the Season 6 finale of “The Walking Dead.”

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Playing the role of the villainous character Negan, Dykstra stands before kids dressed as Reyes and Granderson, whom he says are on their way out now that Lucas Duda and Yoenis Cespedes are close to returning.

Warning: There’s one phrase at the very end of the video that’s not family-friendly.

“When you’re hitting less than .200, that’s not a slump,” Dykstra states while channeling Negan. “That means you can’t hit.”

Much like the television show, the video cuts off before Dykstra unleashes his attack. We got his message though, and he’s probably not far off in suggesting that Reyes (.183) and Granderson’s (.139) are at risk. With Michael Conforto turning the corner this season and T.J. Rivera making it impossible for manager Terry Collins to keep him out of the lineup, the roster crunch is not likely to favor the veterans. Even if that means eating a large chunk of the $15M salary owed to Granderson this season, the Mets are likely prepared to move forward.

Of course, Dykstra is never shy about stirring the pot. He undoubtedly relished putting this video together, which was pretty well done unless you have a soft spot for Reyes or Granderson.

Dykstra toned it down from the original scene, which many said was the most disturbing sequence in the entire series. We won’t delve into any spoilers here, but based on Negan’s swing it’s possible the Mets struggling veterans could learn a thing or two by watching.

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