Lemon Chocolate Pie Is A New Haven Staple You Need To Try

Lemon chocolate pie with slice
Lemon chocolate pie with slice - bettercraftct / Instagram

Chances are good that you've probably had a piece or two of lemon cake slathered in fudgy chocolate frosting before. But have you had a lemon chocolate pie? If you've never been to New Haven, Connecticut before, then it's probably not very likely. The decadent dessert is largely unknown outside of the city of New Haven, but perhaps that's about to change.

With a filling that reminds many of a classic lemon meringue pie, it's no wonder the treat has its share of regional devotees. The filling is where the similarities end, however. Instead of being topped with meringue, the lemon pie has a top crust that gets a layer of super sweet chocolate frosting on top. This certainly makes it unique. Frosting isn't something you find on a lot of pies, after all. But the combination of sweet chocolate and tangy lemon sets it apart from the rest -- making it a must-try if you're ever lucky enough to encounter a slice.

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What's The History Of Lemon Chocolate Pie?

Two chocolate lemon pies
Two chocolate lemon pies - petonitospastryshoppe / Instagram

Unfortunately, it's hard to say just how the lemon chocolate pie got its start or who invented it. However, lemon meringue pie hails from Philadelphia, making its first appearance in the 1800s. The pie's recipe has been credited to Mrs. Elizabeth Goodfellow, who owned a pastry shop in Philly. But who decided to replace the meringue topping with chocolate frosting? Or did the lemon chocolate pie develop independently?

Whether it was an offshoot of Goodfellow's famous pie or its own creation appears to be unknown. It is speculated that the reason it is so popular in New Haven has to do with the population of Italian Americans who call the city home. Since many are descendants of immigrants from the Amalfi coast, it's possible that they imported their love of lemons from the area as well. But that doesn't explain how the chocolate frosting got involved. While it might not be possible to nail down the pie's history at this point, it's still very much worth enjoying.

How Can You Get Your Hands On A Lemon Chocolate Pie?

Mini chocolate lemon pies
Mini chocolate lemon pies - petonitospastryshoppe / Instagram

Unless you live near New Haven, it might be pretty hard to get your hands on a lemon chocolate pie. Naturally, you probably don't want to travel to Connecticut just for a piece. For those who can just pop down to their local bakery or diner and grab a slice -- well everyone else is jealous. But that's not to say that those who don't live in the region are completely out of luck. You could always try to replicate this baked good at home. And while you might never know if you got it exactly right, it's hard to imagine getting it wrong.

While the tart lemon filling in lemon chocolate pie does have a lot in common with lemon meringue pie, it's not an exact replica. In fact, there is an additional ingredient that you definitely won't want to leave out if you attempt to make it: powdered lemon pie filling.

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