LeBron James gifted $100K gold-plated, crocodile skin version of his signature shoes

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The Shoe Surgeon decked-out a pair of Nike Lebron 15s in honor of James surpassing 30,000 career points. (Getty Images)
The Shoe Surgeon decked-out a pair of Nike Lebron 15s in honor of James surpassing 30,000 career points. (Getty Images)

If you’re going to gift LeBron James a version of his own signature shoe, you better be confident you’ve added something special.

It’s safe to say Dominic Chambrone, AKA “The Shoe Surgeon,” took all necessary steps to ensure that James would appreciate his most recent gift, a pair of Nike LeBron 15s worth over $100,000.

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Chambrone, who is one of the most well-known figures in the custom sneaker world, created the sneaker in collaboration with Nike to honor James reaching 30,000 career points back in January.

The shoes are made of “genuine” crocodile skin, coated with 24-karat gold. They’re decked out with solid gold details including Riri zippers with custom zipper pulls made from 14 grams of 18-karat gold, and 2.32 carats of diamond-adorned lace aglets, both 5.8 carats each. There are also custom heel clips, lace loops and diamond-adorned shoelace aglets (the covers over the end of the shoelaces).

Chambrone also included a custom diamond-cut, gold necklace with a lion head pendant hanging from a Franco gold chain. In all, the project features over 238 diamonds. 

You can take a closer look at the design process and view the necklace in Chambrone’s video below:

This wasn’t the first time that Chambrone has customized a shoe for LeBron; he also designed a pair for LeBron’s October 2017 GQ photoshoot. Chambrone apparently understands what shoes are truly fit for a king.

The shoes are reportedly the most expensive Nike Lebron 15s ever – it’s hard to beat the combination of crocodile skin, gold, and diamonds – and they’re likely the most valuable unworn pair ever.

They do fall short of a select few game-worn pairs, including Michael Jordan’s game-worn 1984 Olympic sneakers that sold for $190,373, as well as his “Flu Game” pair, which sold for over $100,000.

If you’re now inspired to don Lebron 15s, the most basic versions of the shoe retail for $140.

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