'Scientology the Aftermath' explores L. Ron Hubbard's alleged abuse of his own family

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On Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath, Leah Remini discussed the family members of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard with biographer Russell Miller. Miller stated that Hubbard’s son Quentin was said to be gay. Since he was raised by a religion that taught him homosexuality was wrong, it wasn’t terribly surprising that he took his own life at 22. Miller said, “When Quentin killed himself by attaching a pipe to the exhaust of his car and running it through the window, Hubbard’s reaction was one of fury. Not grief or horror that his son should do this, but of fury that it would attract attention, negative attention to what he was doing.”

Hubbard had three wives and seven children in total. His second wife, Sarah, claimed mental and physical abuse when she filed for divorce in 1951. Hubbard would later disown his daughter from that marriage, Alexis, excluding her from his will. Hubbard’s oldest son, Ron DeWolf, spoke out against his father, claiming that 99 percent of what his father claimed was lies and that Scientology is a business. He was ultimately erased from Scientology history. And Hubbard’s third wife, Mary Sue, ended up serving a two-year prison sentence for Operation Snow White, which was ordered by Hubbard to infiltrate government offices and steal documents.

Miller said, “And it was Mary Sue that took the wrap. Hubbard, you know, made it quite clear that he wasn’t going to get involved in any way, shape, or form as responsible for this outrageous act, and so Mary Sue went to prison.” With Mary Sue ultimately taking the fall, she was erased from Scientology history much like other family members and lived the rest of her days under intense scrutiny by the church.

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For the record, Scientology disputes the claims on Remini’s show. Their response can be read here.

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