Are Love Is Blind's Tiffany and Brett together now?

tiffany and brett, love is blind, season 4
Are Love Is Blind's Tiffany and Brett together?Netflix

Love Is Blind season 4 spoilers follow.

Love Is Blind's fourth season brought a fresh batch of singles looking for love to Netflix screens, under the heart-shaped eyes of hosts Nick and Vanessa Lachey.

The hit dating show lined up another 15 single women and 15 single men for dates this season, with the catch that they were searching for their soulmates without seeing what their prospective partner looks like.

This year's contestants were once again thrown into a series of dates in a set of pods with a wall separating them. In the end, five couples made it out to meet in person.

Among them were fan favourites design director Brett Brown, 36, and client lead recruiter Tiffany Pennywell, 37. The duo won the hearts of fans, who have championed the pair as the real deal when it comes to love.

tiffany and brett, love is blind

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Ahead of his debut on the show, Brett said he was ready to settle down and wanted to meet "successful, independent and strong women" on Love Is Blind.

His last relationship ended in 2016 after two years, but he said he was ready at last to let someone into his "financially stable" life, stressing he was looking for someone who's a "good listener".

Meanwhile, Tiffany said she was already tired of the Seattle dating scene after a recent move, adding that the men there are "more reserved and don't actively seek out relationships".

Ahead of Love Is Blind, she said she was looking for a partner who takes initiative, comes up with "random and unique dates" and values quality time.

tiffany, love is blind

Tiffany and Brett were dead set on each other from early on in the Love Is Blind process, as sparks flew through their pod wall.

The pair only hit a real speed bump during a heart-warming if ill-timed scene where Tiffany fell asleep mid-conversation in their pod — just as Brett confessed his love for her.

At the time, Brett relayed the conversation back to the other Love Is Blind men, saying: "Our conversation was, 'I think I'm falling in love with you.' And then I'm telling her how I feel and then it's quiet and then, 'Hello?'"

A horrified Tiffany apologised the following day, insisting she'd simply dozed off due to Brett's voice, which is "so soothing". She then nervously asked: "Did I just mess everything up?"

tiffany and brett, love is blind

Thankfully, she hadn't, and Brett lovingly went on to propose. The couple finally got to leave their pod and meet face-to-face for some quality time in Mexico.

We'd already been treated to a glimpse of Brett and Tiffany at the altar in a mid-season preview, but we've had to wait until the finale to discover whether or not they said yes to each other on the big day.

There are major spoilers from the final episode of Love Is Blind season four ahead, so look away now if you want to watch first.

tiffany, love is blind, season 4

They said yes! Or, more accurately, "I will".

In one of the least surprising moments of the season, the loved-up pair gave their vows to one another and each decided that they did want to get married.

But are Tiffany and Brett still together now? Despite a fair degree of online sleuthing, the pair have managed to keep any major reveals on the status of their relationship under wraps.

However, social media posts about their "journey" on the show — particularly from Brett — have been reassuringly upbeat, promising fans more to come.

tiffany and brett, love is blind

He shared some behind-the-scenes details about the engagement photos he'd taken of his bride-to-be, revealing: "Seeing her reaction to the picture unveiling was priceless and an unforgettable moment. It was the highlight of the experience up to this point.

"In this moment, she was able to see herself the way I saw her that day, which was beautiful in spite of all the stresses! This moment was everything to me and I'm glad my art was able to bring her happiness."

You can read the full caption on Instagram.

Love Is Blind season 4 is available on Netflix, with more episodes dropping on March 31.

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