Need a last-minute costume? Here’s what’s trending in the US as Halloween approaches

Photo by Charles Parker via Pexels

With Halloween just days away, costumes are top of mind for those who celebrate.

Last-minute revelers can look to what’s trending to find the perfect getup. Based on Google’s annual “Frightgeist” rankings, there’s a “frighteningly high” chance Barbie costumes will be bountiful this year.

The iconic doll was the No. 1 searched costume in the U.S. for 2023, according to Google Trends data. It’s not a total shock after the “Barbie” movie gained critical acclaim this summer, raking in more than $1 billion at the global box office.

The popular witch costume, which took the top spot in 2022, was knocked to No. 4 this year, thanks to the “Barbie” film’s success.

For the list, Google looked at the “top 500 costume searches” in the U.S and used that data to identify the trendiest costumes both locally and nationally, according to the Frightgeist website.

Here’s how other costumes stacked up:

  1. Barbie

  2. Princess

  3. Spider-man

  4. Witch

  5. Fairy

  6. Wednesday Addams

  7. Dinosaur

  8. Cowboy

  9. Ninja

  10. Bunny

Searches for Barbie costumes trended highest in Midwest cities including, Quincy, Illinois; Hannibal, Missouri; and Keokuk, Iowa, data shows.

Daredevil, Princess Diaries and Monster High were among the most popular costume searches this week, according to Google Trends. For groups, searches for Tiffany and Chucky, Ross and Rachel, and WALL-E and EVE also trended high.

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