Lamborghini Aventador SVJ Crash Looks Horrific

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At least nobody was killed…

Car crashes involving exotic vehicles can be painful in many ways, and just looking at footage of this wreck between a Lamborghini Aventador SVJ and a double decker bus in London sure is painful. We’re sure it’s also going to be the insurance claim from hell, as no doubt the Lambo’s owner and the bus both carry quite the coverage and so the fight could get intense and expensive.

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While a lot of people are automatically blaming the driver of the Aventador SVJ, we’re not sure that’s the best path to take. After all, if you’ve spent enough time in urban areas you know bus drivers aren’t exactly the most cautious people behind the wheel. Plus, public transit is the worst.

Thanks to deep shadows (not to mention poor video quality) we can’t entirely tell the extent of damage done to the poor Lambo. However, it’s apparent the front fascia pretty much if not entirely grenaded, the shrapnel leftovers left strewn on the street. The hood also looks to be crumpled and the headlights are probably goners as well. We can’t imagine there’s zero structural damage. Hey, at least the engine was nowhere near the point of impact!

As for the double decker bus, which we honestly don’t really care about but imagine taxpayers in London do, it looks to have taken quite the hit. One section of the side is crumpled more than we thought the Italian bull could do. If we have to guess, we’d say this Aventador was going at a pretty good clip at time of impact.

Still images of the wreck aren’t horrible clear (sorry) thanks to their being recorded in 480p. Apparently people in London don’t have decent phones or something. If you watch the video you can see the details a little more clearly.

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