Ladies, What Are Habits That You've Been Told Are Good For You But Are Actually Pretty Harmful?

Oh, to be a woman...

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If it's not our own peers and family, it's the media coming up with wild and strange ways to convince us that we have a problem that needs fixing.

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So I want to ask the ladies: What's something that you've either been taught or recommended to do to be more "attractive" that's actually very harmful?

Or something you've been told is "good for you" when it's actually "very bad for you."

Maybe you read in a magazine that douching will keep you fresh ✨down there✨ but in reality, you're just setting yourself up for potentially major complications.

a woman holding a vaginal douche

The vagina cleans itself, so let it do its job!

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Or maybe you had a female family member tell you to use lemons to brighten your skin, but that actually leads to irritation and skin sensitivity.

a woman squeezing the juice out of a lemon

Seriously, please don't put pure lemon juice on your skin.

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Perhaps your girlfriends recommended you wear a waist trainer to make your waist smaller, but they didn't tell you about all of the adverse side effects.

a woman putting on a waist trainer

Weakened core, loss of appetite, and temporary results. Oh my!

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Let us know in this anonymous Google form or in the comments below the wildest things you've been told as a woman to make you prettier, thinner, healthier, etc.

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