Kyrie Irving has fan ejected during road game in Charlotte after hearing boos

The greatest rivalry in sports has penned its latest chapter.

In the latest installment of Kyrie Irving v. fans, the Dallas Mavericks guard had a spectator ejected during a road game against the Charlotte Hornets on Sunday.

The TV broadcast showed Irving, who was traded to the Mavericks in February, pointing out a fan to officials who was then removed by security personnel at Spectrum Center.

The fan, however, got his money's worth — letting out a vociferous "boo" as he was ejected.

It wasn't the first time Irving has been booed in a Mavericks uniform.

Irving was berated during the Mavericks' 117-109 home loss to the Hornets on Friday and clapped back at fans who booed him at American Airlines Center.

"So what?" Irving said Friday when asked how the boos made him feel. "Just the way I feel about it. I've been in New York City so I know what that's like. You obviously want to play well, but there's only five people on the court who can play for the Dallas Mavericks.

"If the fans want to change places, then ... hey, be my guest. You've got years of work ahead of you to be great enough to be on this level."

Irving has a lengthy history of fan contention. He had a water bottle thrown at him during a 2021 playoff game in Boston and was also fined following a 2022 game in Boston for gesturing his middle finger at a fan.

The Mavericks have struggled since acquiring Irving. Entering play Sunday, the Mavs had lost three straight and six of their last eight games, tying them for the 10th and final spot in the NBA postseason play-in tournament.

This article originally appeared on USA TODAY: Kyrie Irving has fan ejected during Mavericks' road game in Charlotte