Kylie Jenner Is Sharing All of Her Red Flags On TikTok Amid Timothée Chalamet Dating Reports

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Kylie Jenner Shared All Her Red Flags On TikTokMEGA - Getty Images

Like many people on TikTok, Kylie Jenner has been enjoying the app's plethora of filters to learn a little bit more about herself. The beauty mogul jumped at the chance to try out the trending “red flag” filter, which tells users exactly what is wrong with them and then writes it above their head for everyone to see. They're mostly meant to be the sort of red flags that can end a relationship, and some fans wonder if these are subtle TikTok messages directed at her rumored beau, Timothée Chalamet.

Each round with the filter gives three red flags, and Jenner made sure to let her followers know what she thought of the filter's assessment. In her first TikTok, the filter said she doesn't tip, sleeps with socks, and picks her nose. She denied the first two, but admitted the third might be partially true...

Next round: doesn't say thank you, doesn't recycle, and slow texter. Jenner insisted “that's not true” about saying thank you, but recycling and texting back are not on her priority list, apparently. She has since deleted or made this TikTok private, so maybe the recycling statement wasn't well-received.

Then: sweet tooth, oversleeps, and no profile picture, which were a yes, yes, and no situation.

Doesn't like music, wears low-rise jeans, and litterer. Shockingly, Jenner stated, “I'm not a f-cking litterer” despite her early statement on recycling. She contains multitudes. After that accusation, Jenner said she was “getting off this app,” but she couldn't stay away.

She slightly agreed in the next one that she is “self-centered,” but does not bite her nails, and admitted that she's high maintenance.

She then turns away to hide her face from the camera, as though suddenly shy about what she's revealed. Jenner knows what her red flags are, and now everyone else does, too.

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