Kyle Schwarber destroyed a concession stand during Cubs batting practice

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Chicago Cubs outfielder Kyle Schwarber is known for his massive power. The 25-year-old has already racked up plenty of evidence that he can hit a ball a mile.

Sometimes, that pop has some unintended consequences. In Schwarber’s case, we’re talking about property damage. Schwarber belted a ball so far during batting practice Tuesday that he destroyed a concession stand at Wrigley Field.

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Kyle Schwarber breaks glass on Cubs concession stand during batting practice

Take a look at Schwarber’s wrath:

See that glass on the left side of the picture? It’s supposed to look that way on the right side of the picture too. Instead, hundreds of shards of glass are shattered all over the stand. Those tomatoes probably were not eaten.

Not the first time Kyle Schwarber’s power has destroyed something

Technically, every time Schwarber hits a home run, a ball is destroyed. But there’s another instance where Schwarber may have tried to use his immense power to take down a portion of Wrigley Field. We’re talking about the scoreboard home run he hit during the 2015 National League Division Series. You can’t tell us he wasn’t trying to take the whole thing down in one swing.

Just in case you need more evidence, Schwarber also took out the Budweiser sign on that scoreboard with a batting practice home run in May 2017.

Now we finally understand why Schwarber is always involved in Cubs trade rumors. It’s not because they are worried about his position. It’s because they are worried he’s going to break their ballpark.

Kyle Schwarber took out a piece of Wrigley Field with a batting practice home run. (AP Photo)
Kyle Schwarber took out a piece of Wrigley Field with a batting practice home run. (AP Photo)

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