Kyle Richards Breaks Down During ‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ BravoCon Panel: ‘We’re Just Trying to Figure It Out’ (Video)

Kyle Richards broke down in tears at “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” BravoCon panel on Sunday while talking about her marital difficulties with husband Mauricio Umansky and the impact on their family.

“We’re family no matter what happens, and we are a very strong family unit. [Mauricio] was busy doing ‘Dancing With the Stars’ and he wasn’t around as much, but we’re just trying to figure it out. We love each other and…” she said, before becoming overcome with emotion and mouthing the words “I’m sorry” to moderator Zuri Hall. The audience then chanted her name in support, which you can see below:

A clip from an upcoming episode of “RHOBH” was then shown with the other women — particularly Sutton Stracke — raising questions about Richards’ relationship.

“You know, if I was called on the phone and asked one-on-one, I would have been much more open,” Richards explained after the clip played. “But we have cameras. And I felt like I was on the defense. You know, instead of saying ‘I’m here if you need me,’ I just felt like everyone was coming at me.”

Richards also added that the fallout from the Season 13 reunion with her sister Kathy Hilton (Richards says they’re “great” now) and the death of her best friend by suicide weighed heavily on her. “I was just trying to keep it together,” she said.

While castmate Garcelle Beauvais was empathetic, she reminded Richards that opening up their lives to the cameras and being scrutinized comes with being a reality TV star.

“I totally understand that and I feel for Kyle, but we are on a reality show. Erika [Jayne] put everything out there,” Beauvais said. “That’s part of our job, is to ask things of each other.”

“It wasn’t the questions, it was the way the questions were asked,” Richards responded to Beauvais. “I didn’t feel it was in a compassionate manner, less so with you than it was with Sutton, to be honest… I’ve shown a lot of my life these last 13 years, I get that we’re making a reality show. But at least ask me with some compassion. That’s all I’m asking for.”

Beauvais herself broke down after her relationship with her teen son Jax was brought up. In the season premiere, Jax told Beauvais that he needed her to be more of a parent to him and twin brother Jaid two years ago.

After wiping away tears, Beauvais explained that she wanted to “break that cycle of not being able to say something respectfully to their parents. And so I’m grateful the boys got that and they speak their minds.”

The panel was also the first time new housewife Annemarie Wiley was introduced. Wiley will make her debut on the show in Episode 6.

“The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” airs Wednesdays on Bravo and the next day on Peacock.

BravoCon 2023 is being held in Las Vegas from Nov. 3-5.

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