Kristen Stewart Went Pantless in Menswear’s Favorite Cashmere Brand

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At some point in the last couple years or so, very famous women stopped wearing pants. In the curious temporal expanse after Bella Hadid ate pizza on a New York City sidewalk in micro-shorts and platform Uggs and Miu Miu models glided down the runway with cotton briefs pulled on over their nylon hose, lithe celebrities appeared out and about in their skivvies—albeit usually with contrastingly modest tops, like a prim cardigan or collared shirt, Risky Business-style. By the time lights went up on Sunday’s Oscars after-parties, the now-oversaturated “pantless trend” had ascended to the more formal “naked dressing” mode of visible undergarments beneath translucent gowns.

Meanwhile, there hasn’t been so much pantless-trend representation on the traditional menswear front. Aside from some high-fashion jockstraps—and approximately one notable exception—men have remained committed to wearing pants. Proverbially speaking, for every Jeremy Allen White flexing his Calvin Klein briefs on a New York City rooftop, there are a million more guys who, if they wore their underwear out in public, would sooner resemble Walter White in his tired tighty-whities, stranded in the New Mexico desert.

But today we are one step closer to the men’s fashion authorities throwing their hats in the no-pants ring thanks to actor Kristen Stewart, who stepped out in New York wearing a cropped collared shirt and cashmere cable-knit shorts from Brunello Cucinelli’s womenswear line. It’s an interesting ensemble from a label best known for dressing the elegant gentlemen of Italy and, more recently, the monied tech scions of Silicon Valley, that’s since become synonymous with the internet’s favorite “quiet luxury” sensibility.

But it makes sense for Stewart, whose personal style is androgynous, daring, and prone to oscillating between hyper-casual and ultra-sexy. (She recently attended the premiere of her new A24 thriller Love Lies Bleeding in another no-pants ensemble: a high-cut black bodysuit with nylon tights and Chanel pumps.) Fittingly, at least, her Cucinelli ensemble complied with the Milanese menswear maestros’ signature shade of taupe.

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