The Korean Turtle Chips Costco Shoppers Can't Get Enough Of

Box of Choco Churros Turtle Chips in a shopping cart
Box of Choco Churros Turtle Chips in a shopping cart - akina_coupy/Instagram

Along with Costco's essential foods and other grocery staples, the retailer is also known for its amazing selection of snacks. Per Reddit, Orion brand Turtle Chips in the churro flavor are causing an uproar at the store. According to one commenter, Turtle Chips can be likened to "coco puffs with cinnamon and sugar with an amazing texture." Another person praised their "very satisfying crunch," which makes these chips a joy to eat. So much so that some shoppers are concerned about their addictive nature.

In another Reddit thread, a person highlighted their epic struggle to abstain from eating Turtle Chips. "Yup, ate half a bag in one sitting," the person claimed before decreeing that the chips were "dangerous." These chips are made up of four distinct layers, topped with a delightful chocolate churro flavor that offers the perfect amount of spice thanks to the cinnamon. It appears that the chips have been around for a few months, but their popularity is showing no signs of stopping.

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Why Are They Called Turtle Chips?

bag of churro flavored turtle chips
bag of churro flavored turtle chips - flojohooligan/Instagram

Orion, the South Korean company that produces Turtle Chips, is known all over the world for its amazing snack selection. This includes items like Chicken Pops, Awesome Nachos, and a version of Sun chips that come in flavors like garlic baguette and hot spicy. As for Orion's wildly popular Turtle Chips, they're so named because these crispy, crunchy snacks have an appearance similar to turtle shells. Despite what Redditors would have you believe ("Where are they sourcing their turtles?" asked one jokester), no turtles were harmed in the making of these moreish snacks.

Along with the popular churro flavor, Orion also offers other versions of its Turtle Chips. This includes sweet corn, flamin' lime, and truffle, to name a few. The sweet corn is particularly enticing, as it expertly combines sweetness, saltiness, and a satisfying creamy mouthfeel (mirroring the experience you get when enjoying a buttered ear of corn). Unfortunately, Costco only carries the churro variety, but it's possible to find additional flavors at your local Asian grocery store and numerous online retailers if you're so inclined.

Turtle Chips Might Not Be Around Forever

Bags of Turtle Chips on a store shelf
Bags of Turtle Chips on a store shelf - dyepics/Instagram

Remember, just as Costco giveth, the warehouse retail chain also taketh away. A shopper on Reddit noticed a troubling sign when seeking out Turtle Chips at their local store. "These got the death [star] at my location," stated the person, referring to the asterisk that appears on price tags at the warehouse retail chain. Another person chimed in, saying, "Bought two bags before they're gone. Goodnight, my sweet, crunchy prince."

For the uninitiated, items at Costco marked with an asterisk are unlikely to be restocked. In some cases, products are not restocked because they're no longer available. In others, Costco has decided to stop selling the item for one reason or another. A Costco employee on Reddit offers a third explanation: The item is merely being eliminated for the season and may return to store shelves at some point in the future. Whatever the reason, fans of Turtle Chips are encouraged to get their fill in case these unique snacks go the way of the dinosaur.

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