Kobe Bryant will guest star on an episode of ABC's How to Get Away with Murder

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Nobody’s sure if it will be an appearance or a cameo, but bet on the latter. (Foto por Danny Moloshok/Invision/AP)
Nobody’s sure if it will be an appearance or a cameo, but bet on the latter. (Foto por Danny Moloshok/Invision/AP)

Kobe Bryant’s NBA analysis show will premiere on ESPN in March, but in the meantime, Black Mamba will reportedly guest star on ABC’s network drama, How To Get Away With Murder. The rumors about Bryant’s casting ramped up after the legal drama’s lead actress, Viola Davis, posted a Twitter photo including herself and Bryant embracing at one of the show’s table reads.

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The Academy Award winning actress played it coy when confronted by TMZ about the possibility of the retired Laker/Academy Award nominee playing a role on the show.

While leaving Saturday night’s Annie Awards, Bryant praised the writers on the show and essentially confirmed that he will in fact have a small cameo. Since then, it hasn’t been denied either. Bryant’s appearance on a show about a law professor and her bloodthirsty students isn’t completely random. Bryant spent his formative years in Philadelphia, which is where the show’s fictional Middleton University is located.

He should also be familiar with the tone of the show’s melodramatic infighting and backstabbing after years of bickering with Shaq and Phil Jackson in Los Angeles. Yet, he probably won’t get to hog the screen time like he did the rock though.

With any luck, his role will be more substantive than Isaiah Thomas blink and you’d miss him cameo on another legal drama, NBC’s Law and Order: SVU, last September. After all, Kobe Bryant shouldn’t roll out of bed for anything more than a full page of lines.

Bryant is also nominated for an Oscar for Best Animated Short after producing Dear Basketball as an ode to the culmination of his illustrious playing career. However, a potential Emmy would like nice between an Oscar and those (Finals) MVP trophies.

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