‘Kimmel’ Host Desus Nice Has Field Day With Fox News’ Latest Pro-Trump Meltdown

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Jimmy Kimmel Live” guest host Desus Nice said the FBI found some “shady stuff” during the search of Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort, including a trove of top secret documents and three passports.

“Multiple passports. Lots of cash. Hunted by the FBI,” Nice said. “He’s like a racist Jason Bourne, but more orange.”

Trump has ripped the Justice Department and the FBI over the search warrant at his Florida residence.

“Trump says the documents the FBI took from Mar-a-Lago are covered by his white privilege,” Nice said. “Wait, excuse me, I mean his executive privilege.”

But his favorite part of the events wasn’t the search itself or even Trump’s reaction.

It was how Fox News and others on the right went bananas over it ― in some cases, literally.

Check it out in the Monday night monologue:

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