Kim Kardashian Calls Scott Disick a ‘F***ing Loser,” Has Awkward Confrontation

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After Kim Kardashian kicked a girl out of Scott Disick’s hotel room last week on Keeping Up With the Kardashians, you would think Scott would have learned his lesson — even though he was rewarded for his questionable behavior with a trip to Costa Rica. So he decided to double-down on his sleaziness.

Kim discovered that Scott had invited another girl to stay with him in his hotel during the Kardashian family trip. So while he was kissing Kourtney one minute and trying to make his family whole again, he was then going back to his hotel room, where another girl was waiting for him.

One at a time, Kim informed her sisters and mother about Scott’s Costa Rica companion. When Kris Jenner asked Kourtney if she was okay, Kourtney responded, “Yeah — I’m just thinking about all the guys I’m gonna f*** when I get home.”

So the girls decided to confront Scott at dinner about the girl in his hotel room. Once Scott joined them, the girls started making things uncomfortable as they hinted about the issue. And as the awkwardness increased, Kris said, “I think what we’re wondering is if you have a girl here and why.” Unfortunately, in true Keeping Up With the Kardashians fashion, everyone will have to wait until next week as this story was “To Be Continued. …”

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