Kim Kardashian Brings Back Y2K Layering Look


Leave it to Kim Kardashian to revive a layering look that millennials thought had died out in the early 2000s: layers of tank tops.

The reality TV star and entrepreneur graced fans with a photo dump from her time in Paris for earlier this month fashion week. The series of Instagram photos includes lush Parisian hotel rooms, floral arrangements, croissants and coffee, and of course, a myriad of outfit pics. One such photo included a Balenciaga outfit that had millennials clutching their pearls.

Miss Kimberly was pictured in a black undershirt with three layers of various tank tops on top of each other. She paired the early aughts-inspired fit with lace tights with white underneath (or is it attached to the white tank top?). In Kardashian's hand was a chunky black bag adorned with various accessories. Thankfully there weren't any layered Abercrombie & Fitch polos (IYKYK).

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Kim Kardashian

Instagram/ Kim Kardashian

Kardashian made her rounds at various fashion shows at the beginning of March — including Balenciaga's fall-winter 2024/ 2025 collection. The runway show did include the aforementioned layered outfit, which Kardashian opted not to wear while sitting front row. As a Balenciaga ambassador, Kardashian instead showed up wearing a long, high-neck lace gown with an open back.

Kim Kardashian has long partnered with Balenciaga, sporting their signature bug-eyed sunglasses and wearing the infamous 2021 Met Gala outfit that covered her entire face and body. It wasn't until 2024 that Kardashian officially became an ambassador for the brand, solidifying her role as muse and partner with them.

Balenciaga made waves in December 2023 after they held an extravagant fashion show on Windsor Boulevard in broad daylight in Los Angeles. Guests including Kardashian, Nicole Kidman, Joey King, Kendall Jenner, and more were carrying Balenciaga x Erwhon grocery bags as purses. Meanwhile, Cardi B made her runway debut, strutting down the LA street wearing a faux blue coat that grazed her ankles.

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