KFC Apple Pie Poppers Review: These Bite-Size Sweet Treats Hit The Spot

KFC Apple Pie Poppers
KFC Apple Pie Poppers - Michael Palan / Static Media

KFC earned its red and white stripes on the breaded backs of its namesake item: fried chicken. The thought of sweets -- let alone an iconic dessert -- from KFC simply isn't at the forefront of most eaters' minds. But this hasn't stopped the chain from experimenting with sugary treats for anyone who might have room left for them. There have been all-American options like apple pies, and more recently, apple turnovers, which were dropped in 2009. Now, 15 years later, KFC is once again plucking apples from the dessert tree. But this go-round, the chain is turning them into bite-size treats that go by the name Apple Pie Poppers.

Pastry chef-turned-KFC Food Innovation Team member Stacey Borah said in a statement, "I loved being able to help bring our new Apple Pie Poppers to life. Our guests have been asking for more craveable individual dessert options, and now we are delivering with the ultimate comfort dessert that are perfect for eating on the go." I didn't have to take Ms. Borah's word for it, as she and her team fried up a fresh batch of Apple Pie Poppers for me to try on a recent tour of KFC HQ in  Louisville. So, does this new addition to the dessert menu hit the sweet spot, or is something rotten in Kentucky? This chew and review is based on taste, texture, and overall lovability. Here's my verdict.

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What Do KFC's Apple Pie Poppers Taste Like?

KFC Apple Pie Popper
KFC Apple Pie Popper - Michael Palan / Static Media

At about an inch wide, an Apple Pie Popper somehow manages to appear mighty, even in such a small package. Its top looks like a hybrid between an apple fritter and an egg roll, and its bottom lies somewhere between puff pastry and the place where a burrito's fold ends. You can imagine a cocktail weenie hiding within, if you've ever had pigs in a blanket.

The Apple Pie Poppers are fried fresh and retain some serious warmth when handed over to the customer. The shell contains most of its heat within the pastry, however. They smell exactly how you'd expect them to smell: like an apple pie. The crust is both crunchy and flaky, and well worth the price of admission on its own. So far, so good.

The pie filling has a nice Granny Smith-esque hue, with visible pieces of apple encased in the shiny goo. Said goo has a Jell-O-like form and jiggle to it, which keeps it from being more fluid than I would have liked. Generally, this filling doesn't stray far from the standard fast food apple pie turnover recipe, with a lean sweetness that thankfully isn't over-spiced.

How To Buy KFC's Apple Pie Poppers

KFC Apple Pie Poppers on cooling rack
KFC Apple Pie Poppers on cooling rack - Michael Palan / Static Media

Starting April 1, Apple Pie Poppers will be available at participating nationwide KFC locations, for a limited time only and while supplies last. One order contains four Apple Pie Poppers and costs $2.49. A single Popper is good for 80 calories and 1 gram of protein. Prices vary by location and may be higher in Alaska, Hawaii, and California, as well as when ordering through third-party apps.

Apple Pie Poppers can be ordered in-store at the register, kiosk, or drive-thru, where available. Advance ordering can be placed through KFC's app or website, where deals can be found and rewards can be earned. Delivery may also be an option in certain areas.

The Final Verdict

KFC Apple Pie Popper
KFC Apple Pie Popper - Michael Palan / Static Media

The Apple Pie Poppers do indeed hit the sweet spot. Their warmth conjures up a breezy fall day, which makes it a bit odd that they're being dropped just in time for spring. Regardless of the season, though, these neat little bite-size treats are a nice way to polish off a meal at KFC, or even to top off a meal you're having elsewhere if you get them to go. At $2.49, they're also a good value -- especially considering that a single Popper is probably enough to satisfy a sweet tooth.

The Popper's robust shell does a great job of keeping apple filling warm. It makes a diner wonder if it could keep other fruit pie fillings warm as well. So, we must ask: What's next on the dessert docket, KFC? This could be the start of something beautiful. It doesn't even have to be dessert; this crust could easily house unsweetened items, like pulled chicken, melty cheese, or a combo of the two. Or, how about taking the KFC Chizza to the next level? Stuff its contents inside a Popper crust to make something beyond a mini pizza roll: a mini Chizza roll! With the Apple Pie Popper a solid success, it's time to think big.

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