Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook Were Not Happy About Peyton Manning’s ESPYS Jokes

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Peyton Manning did his best Ricky Gervais impression while hosting the ESPYS, as he shredded numerous athletes with brutal jokes. Although, one of his jokes did not go over well with its intended target.

Peyton was talking about all the things he loved about sports this past year and said, “Our gymnastics team was so dominant that Kevin Durant wants to play for them next year.” A pretty funny joke, considering Durant’s controversial move to the dominant Golden State Warriors this past season. But Durant didn’t find it very funny as he sat stonefaced in the audience. And it got even more awkward when Peyton involved Durant’s former Oklahoma Thunder teammate, Russell Westbrook. Peyton said, “And I got to tell you, I don’t think you’d start for that team, Kevin. Russell Westbrook, what do you think?” It was clear from the look on Westbrook’s face that he did not think it was funny.

Still, the guys shouldn’t be too upset — Peyton made fun of a ton of people, including himself. When describing the things he loved, he said, “I love that Serena Williams won the Australian Open while carrying a child. Peyton then added, “I mean, that’s even more impressive than two years ago, when the Denver Broncos defense won the Super Bowl while carrying me.”

The ESPYS aired Wednesday night at 8 p.m. on ABC. 

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