Kettlewell on pre-season preparations and integrating new signings

Motherwell manager Stuart Kettlewell spoke to Sportsound this afternoon and gave the lowdown on his squad's pre-season preparations, new signings, and today's friendly with Livingston.

“It’s been going great, really well," he said.

“We feel we got a really good start to last season, topping our group in the league cup and starting of the league campaign very, very well, I think we started with three wins and some draws in there so the reparation and the plans been very, very similar.

"It's been littered with one or two injuries which is common practice now unfortunately in modern football but hopefully, we get over that situation, we’re missing six today for this game against Livingston which will be a good test and a good preparation for moving forward to next week.

On new arrivals, he adds: “I put some of them into different categories, one of them is carrying an injury, Johnny Koutroumbis coming over from Australia. He’s somebody that we identified that would be an athletic player with real quality, probably playing on the right-hand side even though he’s versatile.

“We look at the likes of Ross Callaghan, most people will know he’s had a tough time and everyone in Scottish football knows he’s had a tough time with injury but someone we know and remember performing well for Ross County and Hamilton.

“Then ones that start to come into the equation are the Tom Sparrows, Filip Stuparevic, it’s just a case of integrating some of these guys into the feel of Scottish football.

" It’s a different feeling, sometimes you get players coming from down south thinking this is going to be really easy going to Scotnad and think they’ll cruise it and I think it can be anything but that. So it’s just trying to get them a feel for what this football club’s about.

"I’ve got three or four teenagers, academy graduates, starting in this game today which I’m immensely proud of.

"The reason why they’re playing is that they’ve earned the right over one or two because their levels are high throughout pre-season and I want to see them against a proper side in Livingston."