Kentucky LB Josh Paschal's dentist ad is the funniest endorsement of 2021 college football season

·1 min read

Anyone who thought that athletes being able to do endorsement deals would lead to the downfall of college athletics was hilariously wrong. 

Nothing has fundamentally changed in college football so far this season as players across the country have been able to score sponsor deals across a wide range of industries. Some of those deals have been obvious. Offensive lines have gotten deals with local restaurants. Quarterbacks and other star players have signed with car dealerships. Others are a little unorthodox.

The deal that Kentucky linebacker Josh Paschal signed with a Lexington-area dentist's office certainly falls in the latter category. And the unique deal between Paschal and the dental practice has led to the best ad of the 2021 season. Look at what Paschal tweeted out on Tuesday. 

Props to all involved for being willing to have fun with the endorsement deal. And it's proof of how fun our new era of college athletics can be if athletes and the companies willing to pay them will go the non-traditional route with their sponsor agreements. Paschal and other athletes deserve every opportunity to capitalize on their likenesses while in college and it's even better when they can provide all of us a laugh or two while doing so. 

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