Ken Block's Ford Fiesta Is Selling At RM Sotheby's Miami Auction

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Can you handle this beastly hatchback?

Ken Block is a ridiculous human being, in the absolute best way possible. He’s done everything from showcasing teaching his daughter how to drift to becoming an internationally recognized champion of rally racing and motorsports general. Because of these incredible attributes he has been able to iconic eyes the Hoonigan brand in the eyes of modern performance automotive enthusiasts everywhere. That team has built some pretty ridiculous cars but there is one vehicle that you might have never expected to see on their roster.

That car is a 2011 Ford Fiesta, and trust me I know what you’re thinking “how can a fiesta be cool?” Well, not every fiesta has a DuraTex turbocharged four-cylinder engine in it making over 600 hp. That’s right, this tiny hatchback, which probably weighs about half of that of most modern muscle cars, has about as much power as a Camaro ZL1. It’s even crazier when you realize that, despite being a small four-cylinder, it’s got 660 foot pounds of torque. Examining the car, you can clearly see it was built for rally racing which would explain the high torque.

That’s not the only surprising thing about the car in fact, it was also the first Ford to be featured in the Gymkhana film series. Such a feat required a very boastful exterior styling kit. Well, that’s exactly what the car got with some aggressive arrow and the classic green and black symbolizing Ken block and his Hoonigan brethren. Nowadays the fiesta is up on the market looking for a new driver to take the wheel, something only a really tough driver could handle. The only question left is could that be you?

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