Kelsea Ballerini Has the Best Advice on How to Handle Heartbreak

These days, the country singer is prioritizing balance.

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Wherever she goes, pop-country star Kelsea Ballerini is in a good place. Not only is she wrapping up her latest tour to promote her fourth studio album, Subject to Change, but she's also found time to visit her friend and country legend Kenny Chesney in the Caribbean after joining him on-stage for his tour. There, she soaked up the sun and enjoyed quality time with her boyfriend, Outer Banks star Chase Stokes. It's proof that she's finally putting herself — and her needs — first.

"It’s impossible to do it all 'right' and make everyone happy," the CoverGirl ambassador tells InStyle. "So, I’m just taking it day by day and keeping a solid pulse on if I’m being authentic in my own little journey of happiness and growth."

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Part of that means embracing the "less is more" approach, even in her beauty routine. Although she loves being creative and bringing the drama in her on-stage looks, "in real life, I just want to protect my skin and throw on a quick brow and cheek and go," she says.

One way she's been doing that is with the latest CoverGirl Lash Blast Cleantopia mascara, which she calls coffee for her eyes. "It makes them look awake and ready for the day no matter how crazy life has been," she says. "Whether it’s a day off where I give the rest of my skin and face a break or part of a stage look, it’s definitely the product I reach for on a daily basis."

Along with essentials like the CoverGirl Clean Fresh Skincare Correcting Serum + Moisturizer + Primer — which she uses to hydrate her skin before applying foundation — the Lash Blast Cleantopia mascara has become a game-changer for her lashes, which, after years of lash extensions, had become brittle and weak. "I’m still trying to heal my natural lashes, so I also appreciate that it has nourishing ingredients and a non-damaging formula," she says. "When I remove it, I don’t have to worry about any lash fallout. It's been a journey!"

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Ballerini's more hands-off approach to her makeup has indeed been something of work in progress — and not one she was always comfortable with. "It has taken a while, honestly, to get confident enough to not want to always do a full face," she says. "So it feels nice to be here now and appreciate my natural self more." And, with that success under her belt, Ballerini is now setting her sights on other goals — like, for instance, fully embracing the return of one notorious 2000s trend. "One day, I will wear a pair of low-rise jeans just to say I did it," she says. "That’s my style Mount Everest. I'm working my way up there."

It all points to a new era for Ballerini, who just last year went through a very publicized divorce and has learned a thing or two from the heartbreak. "Public or not, I’d say the biggest lesson is to not let it make your heart hard — to stay open and stay soft while you heal," she says. "So much light and beauty has come from it."

And, despite the inevitable challenges that can come with living life in the spotlight, she's finding that even her public persona can serve as a learning experience for her. For instance, she's putting her mental health first these days "by not fearing vulnerability in my safe relationships, valuing alone time, prioritizing balance, trying my best to shut down thoughts of comparison, and not guilt-tripping myself for a bad day — or two, or three," she says.

It's a lesson we can all get on board with, proving yet again why Ballerini is the country-pop star of our time.

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