Kelly Osbourne shows off vomit-stained sweatpants during a rough travel day with baby

Kelly Osbourne traveling with baby
Kelly Osbourne/Instagram

Traveling with a baby or toddler is not for the faint of heart, something that Kelly Osbourne recently experienced firsthand. The new mama recently shared a photo of herself holding onto her 14-month-old son Sidney in an airport with her vomit-stained sweatpants on full display, and parents everywhere will instantly relate to the messy mid-flight moment.

Osbourne took to Instagram Stories to share two photos, both of which have since expired. She shared a close-up shot of her gray sweatpants fully soaked in vomit, alongside a photo of herself holding sweet baby Sid, who looks adorable and innocent as ever. The 39-year-old can be seen gently holding up the side of her cream-colored jacket to avoid contact with her sweatpants, with moms everywhere nodding their heads and sighing in parental understanding.

“When you are on a plane and your baby vomits all over you,” she captioned the photo of her wet lap.

Thankfully, it seems mom and baby both survived the ordeal, but that doesn’t make it any less awful when you’re in the midst of it.

As for Osbourne, it seems like she’s otherwise loving life with her little one, whom she shares with her boyfriend, Slipknot turntablist Sid Wilson. Osbourne has been open about the highs and lows of juggling career and parenthood, sharing on Instagram in Feb. 2023 that she had a “newfound respect for working mothers” when she’d taken her first job after welcoming baby Sidney.

“Having to leave him this morning was one of the hardest things I have ever done,” she wrote at the time. “This day can’t go by quick enough for me. I can’t want to have him back in my arms.”

Osbourne also took Sidney to work with her during a recent taping of her family’s podcast, aptly titled The Osbournes Podcast. She held Sidney in her arms, lamenting that she didn’t have childcare for the day, and her tot seemed pleased as punch to check out the microphone and to hang out with his uncle Jack and grandparents Sharon and Ozzy.

Kelly, girl, you’ve got this. Hang in there, mama.