Keleigh Sperry Shares Behind-the-Scenes TikTok of Taylor Swift and Jason Kelce Celebrating the Chiefs Win

taylor swift
Taylor Celebrates Travis's Win in BTS TikTokTikTok

Think it's pretty obvious that Taylor Swift was incredibly excited about Travis Kelce and the Chiefs winning the AFC championship game. Like, walked-onto-the-field-for-a-public-kiss-in-front-of-cameras excited. But her vibes on the field were nothing compared to what was going on behind-the-scenes in the Chiefs suite, where Taylor celebrated Travis' win with her friends (including Keleigh Sperry and Cara Delevingne) as well as Jason Kelce and Kylie Kelce.

And thanks to Keleigh posting a buncha footage on TikTok, we have a glimpse of their celebration. As she put it in her caption, "I said remember this moment T🥹🥹 Kylie and i bleed green but were out 🦅. so chiefs nation ❤️💥"

In case it's not clear in that TikTok, a source tells People that “It was the best night ever," and that the "whole family was so, so excited and riding a high. Their phones were blowing up all night with congrats. The energy on the field was just insane. To be going to Vegas now is indescribable. Having his family there, all his best friends and managers, and of course, Taylor, celebrating with him was very special."

The source added, "It’s obvious, isn’t it? They’re genuinely happy together. She’s there to support him and cheer him on, and she’s fit in seamlessly with everyone he loves."

Meanwhile, another insider tells Entertainment Tonight, "Taylor and Travis are so excited that the Chiefs and Travis are heading to the Super Bowl. They’re very in love and Taylor is super proud of him. They’re both extremely dedicated and hardworking and understand each other. They are relishing in this moment."

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