Keke Palmer Wore All-Red Everything, Including Her Hair

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If the fire emoji came to life, it would probably look a lot like Keke Palmer in this red-on-red-on-red look. The beloved primary color has been having quite a moment in the fashion and beauty world over the past few months, and Palmer just put her personal twist on the trend with a dark red lob and corseted crimson cocktail dress combo that was, well, total fire.

The actor/singer/Emmy-winning TV host looked absolutely stunning in the red-to-toe look, starting with the rich dark auburn wig installed by her go-to stylist, Keshaun Williamson (AKA Lace Assassin). The wig, which hit just below Palmer's collarbone, was parted very deeply to one side and styled in loose, casually glamorous bends and waves. The color was a rich, deep red so dark it almost looked purple in certain lights, similar to the trending cherry cola shade you've probably seen all over your TikTok FYP.

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Keke Palmer Red Hair

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Though Palmer wore a scarlet dress with matching sheer gloves, tights, and platform shoes, she skipped red lipstick in favor of a pinky-nude gloss. Makeup artist Kenya Alexis, who frequently works with Palmer, incorporated a similar reddish tone to the star's brows, then used a blend of taupe and purple-gray tones on the star's eyes for a classic soft smoky eye and a pretty contrast against the red tones of her hair. Alexis then applied a peachy blush to Palmer's cheeks, tightlined her eyes with black liner and finished with strip lashes.

Palmer must be feeling the red vibes lately, as she was also recently spotted in a curly copper and auburn updo inspired by Whitney Houston. We've seen her experiment with the red color wheel before, including violet-based red braids, as well as incorporating the color into her wardrobe, like when she paired a scarlet latex dress and earrings with glossy black curls in summer 2023. And she's not alone! Cardi B had me craving a cold glass of Cherry Coke in her waist-length style, while Zendaya wore a tonal look of deep red shades at Paris Haute Couture Week. Then there's Megan Fox's scarlet bob, which made a huge splash when she debuted the transformation, though she recently changed it up again and went pastel pink. Looks like we'll be seeing red for 2024 again, and I for one could not be more excited.

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